Asset Management for a State Bank

A Chinese state-owned bank generates substantial cash flow both in its bank vault and between its outlets every day. To choose a bank-specific barcode scanner with reliable performance is essential. Chainway handheld computers with barcode scanning technology and powerful information storage capacity are perfect to meet the demand for financial escort management, so that the bank can track where its cashboxes are, who has its cashboxes, and when its cashboxes are due for arrival. To optimize cashbox escort processes, they have adopted Chainway's handheld computers to help them improve efficiency and enhance finance security.

In the absence of the use of barcode scanners, the traditional manual method is laborious, inefficient, inconvenient and above all insecure, which is reflected in processes of asset management (cashbox identifying and tracking) and identity verification of cashbox escort personnel.

The bank has deployed Chainway's C3000 UHF handheld computers. Each cashbox first is equipped with a 2D barcode or a RFID tag that each contains unique information (total amount inside, all the serial number on the note, where the money is from and to, whom this batch of money will be handed to). By an easy wave, the unique information can be read and automatically transmitted to the backend database, enabling convenient and accurate record of the movement of bank cashboxes. To verify and confirm the ID of personnel for cashbox escort efficiently and accurately, Chainway mobile computer will first record the fingerprint of the personnel; or in another way, each personnel is first assigned a unique RFID tag. What they need to do is put their fingers on the PDA or use PDA to scan their tags to verify their identity, which is much more reliable than the traditional verifications, ensuring the secure and smooth handover, and dealing with the emergency during the escort.

It changed the traditional manual operation mode of financial escort. That PDA can verify identity of escort personnel avoided human error. Administrators can check real-time information like automatically generated statements and tracking records of cashboxes so as to prevent potential security risks and improve the scientific management level.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C3000
Function: 2D, UHF RFID