Weapon Tracking for U.S. NAVY

In order to strengthen the scientific management of weapons and the United States Navy soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, relevant military department proactively introduced data collection devices with RFID technology. Designed for use within the military and law enforcement services, Chainway solution is a powerful automated and accurate tool for the tracking of weapon inventory, solider identity verification, weapon issuing and return together with audit trail, reports, maintenance schedules and records.


  • Identifying with eyes the sailor's identity or the weapon can make errors and be inefficient.

  • Manually recording weapon issuing and return information can lead to a dangerous circumstance if the returned weapon has already been substituted.

  • Manual inventory checking of weapons brought heavy workload. Also, the latest inventory status can't be updated to the management system in real time.

  • Historically maintenance records of the weapons were not easy to be checked and supervised, thus a complete maintenance plan cannot be built up.

Facing above challenges, the military managed to deploy Chainway mobile C5000 PDAs with barcode scanning and RFID reading and writing functions to realize intelligent weapon tracking. The solution is aimed to meet the requirements of a modern armory and is deployed for military and law enforcement. Weapon inventory checking, issuing and return control can be improved. Real-time connection to the backend database makes it convenient for administrators to learn about weapon usage and maintenance status.

Application Details
Weapon Tracking and Tracing
Every weapon has a unique RFID tag. C5000 reads the tag to see the weapon's information and to see when and which sailor has used this weapon. In inventory checking, if a weapon is not returned on time, administrators can inform the sailor; if stocks need to be replenished, administrators can also use C5000 to give this order.
Maintenance Log
The full inventory maintenance log enables the system administrator to work on maintenance plan on all weapons and to detail the maintenance records for audit purposes. When a weapon is due for maintenance or given to one sailor for a period, a certification will be displayed and a warning will be issued during the period. When the weapon is returned on a regular basis, it will be sent to maintenance, which will prevent a re-issued until a 'maintenance complete' message is noted.
Sailor Management
All information about the sailor, such as name, image, biometrics, level, group, ID authority, certification and certification period have already been collected and saved in the database to which C5000 is connected. When a sailor begins to use and returns a weapon, C5000 RFID reader can be used to validate his identity and record this action.


  • It offers a powerful and accurate management solution with a range of security and audit functions on this single device.

  • It provides the armorer with a fast, accurate and efficient tool to issue and collect weapons, and details the condition or service requirements of any item at the point of issue or return.

  • Inventory checking efficiency has been greatly enhanced. Real-time visibility into inventory enables administrators to make replenishment in time.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C5000
Functions: LF RFID(125K), GPRS, 1D, GPS, Wi-Fi