Vehicle Computers Connect Taxies In Iraq

This Western Asian country sees a rapid growth in taxi market. With ever increasing cost of fuel and operational overheads, one taxi fleet company feels urgent to find new technologies and devices to stay competitive. On the other hand, passengers tend to choose those taxi companies which always bring a satisfactory service.
  1. Without telematics devices, a taxi fleet administrator cannot access to the real-time location and status of a taxi.
  2. It happens when taxi drivers have some improper driving behaviors or charge passengers more than it should be. Passenger satisfaction and travel safety is a big worry.
  3. Taxi administrators need some time to dispatch the latest taxi ride requests to the most suitable drivers.
Chainway V600 telematics device features GPS to locate a vehicle, OBD data to detect vehicle status, HF/fingerprint to authenticate a driver, and 4G connectivity to provide passengers a stable Wi-Fi hotspot and to update the latest driving data to the backend management system in real time.
  1. Chainway V600 verifies a driver’s identity by scanning his/her fingerprint or IC card. Fleet administrators can know each driver’s working schedule and workload.
  2. V600 vehicle-mounted computer has an OBD port through which connects to the taxi’s OBD system. The tech records any dangerous driving behaviors such as harsh acceleration and brake, it also detects the vehicle’s status including fuel consumption and RPM.
  3. V600 provides passengers with as Wi-Fi hotspot as a value-added service.
  4. V600 connects to the ridesharing app and the backend management server. The latest ride requests can be dispatched in real time. V600 also displays the shortest route for taxi drivers to save time and fuel.