Confidential Document Management For Libanpost

After the end of the war in Lebanon, a large-scale reconstruction effort was put into action, aimed at restoring and modernizing the country’s institutions. LibanPost was given the challenging task of rejuvenating and operating the postal sector in the country. Transporting identity documents, such as national ID card, driver license and passport, is one of its postal services. Mailing those important documents safe to their owners is of vital importance. 

New technologies are emerging in postal sector to facilitate the day-to-day workings. Especially in transporting important files, a tracking tool is most needed. If there is no tracking tools, customers won’t get feedback of their parcels and postal officers cannot get informed of any sudden incidents like a parcel gets lost or damaged. 

LibanPost works with Chainway to establish an electronic network of tracking important identity files on the territory of Lebanon. Every parcel is labelled with a unique 2D barcode. Before every delivery, a postal man scans his fingerprint or identity IC card on Chainway handheld computer to enroll in his identity in the postal system. He then scans every barcode of a parcel to indicate to the system that that parcel is being delivered.

  1. Every step of the transport is visible on a backend management postal system. These datum are perfect materials for LibanPost to analyze in order to improve their operations and to enhance customer satisfaction.
  2. If important files get lost or damaged, postal officials will know at which step things go wrong and what can be done to make up the loss.
  3. Postal men are identified in their work. This way administrators can know each postal man’s working schedule and workload, which is a direct indicator of each employee’s performance.