Product Warranty

Chainway (the manufacturer of the Handheld) offers a 12-month Service Agreement under the name of Chainway Standard Warranty. This Service Agreement will come into effect as soon as the contracted Handhelds are delivered to Chainway’s customers.


Standard Warranty Coverage

➢ Chainway warrants the products to be:

• free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of delivery to Buyer;

• conformed with Chainway’s specifications and user manual. Once the products are sold, Chainway has no obligation to modify or update them.


➢ Chainway’s obligation for defective product shall be limited to repair or replace (at Chainway’s sole option) the defective product free of charge in case Chainway determines the product failed due to defects in material and workmanship. Buyer is responsible for shipment to Chainway and bears all costs and risks associated with this transportation; Chainway is responsible for return shipment fees to Buyer. In the event of Chainway determines there is no defect (“No Defect Found”) or is not qualified for warranty repair, Chainway shall charge Buyer for return shipment and a minimum repair fee.


 In this warranty, Repair shall mean the repair or adjustment of the product to remedy the defect defined by this warranty and reinstate the product to normal operating condition. Chainway may use new or refurbished parts to remedy the defect at Chainway’s option. Replace shall mean Chainway replaces the product with the same construction or equivalent of the original one. Any replaced part or product shall belong to Chainway and the replacement part or product shall belong to Buyer. However repair and/or replacement of a product shall not extend the original applicable warranty period.


➢ Buyer may be required to provide Chainway with evidence of the date a product was delivered and the original contract was signed with Chainway.


➢ The warranties don’t apply to defects resulting from –

• improper or inadequate maintenance by Customer;

• customer or third party supplied software;

• unauthorized modification;

• improper use or operation outside of the conditions specified for the products, improper site preparation;

• abuse, negligence, accident, liquid spillage, acts of nature such as flood or lightning damage, loss or damage in transit;

• unauthorized maintenance or repair.


The above warranties, except as to title, are exclusive of, and in lieu of, all other warranties, written or oral, express or implied, statutory or otherwise. No implied statutory warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose shall apply. Chainway shall not be bound by any representation or warranty made by any other person, including resellers, distributors, dealers, and employees of Chainway. Chainway shall not be held liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages, and shall not have liability exceed that actual amount paid to Chainway for the products. In no event shall Chainway be held liable for damages incurred by resellers or their Buyer as a result of use of a product beyond its intended use.



Extended Warranty

Chainway offers a 36-month Service Agreement for the customer who needs to buy extended warranty for all or part of their purchased handhelds, this kind of service agreement is available through both Chainway and Chainway’s Authorized Service Center.

This Service Agreement does not cover the Docking Station. The manufacturer’s warranty on the Docking Station is one year for factory defects.

If customers want to be warranted by this service, they must offer the contracts and expiration date after receiving it from Chainway. Chainway will verify the contracts in 7 working days and send service agreement for customers’ evaluation.



Handheld Return Policy

Only Customers may obtain RMA’s and return products to Chainway.

Chainway does not issue RMA’s to customers of Customers (E.G. merchants, end users, Customer channel partners).

Any products returned without an RMA number clearly marked on the shipping label or airway bill will be automatically refused.

Customer must prepare proper clearance invoice to avoid any duty tax during its return, any exceptions to the Return Policy must be agreed upon in writing between Chainway and the Customer prior to return. The accessories without any defect should not be sent together with Handheld.

Incoming freight and insurance for all warrantable returns shall be prepaid by Customer. Any product sent by freight collect or COD will automatically be rejected by Chainway.

During the warranty period, products alleged to be defective can be returned to Chainway at the Customer’s expense.

Chainway shall repair or replace, at its choosing, products that prove to be defective and may, at its option, use new or remanufactured/refurbished parts to make such repairs or replacements.

Chainway shall pay for the return shipping back to Customer but shall not be responsible for any tariffs or duties that may be incurred returning the product back to the Customer. Chainway reserves the right to use the most economical shipping method for the returns.



Authorized Service Center

➢ Chainway allows its authorized distributors and resellers to get trained in factory for the hardware assembling and repairing.

➢ Chainway tech support department is able to provide online diagnosis and solution for most of non-board-level repairs by offering technical documentation and instructions, so that the authorized distributors and resellers can repair/replace the defective components on site.

➢ If the Handheld does not have to return to Chainway factory in China, Chainway has the right to ask the customer to send the Handheld to LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS.

1) Only Customers may obtain RMA’s and return products to Chainway or LOCAL


2) Chainway does not issue RMA’s to customers of Customers (E.G. merchants, end users,

Customer channel partners).

3) Repair covers equipment failure and abuse. Abuse covers cracked display and/or housing.

4) LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS diagnoses the damaged Handheld before send the report to

Chainway, and request necessary components from Chainway, Minimum turnaround time


5) LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS will pay the shipment cost for returning the Handheld to


➢ If the Handheld unit does not have to be sent to Chainway for repair, and the customer has the

Handheld Service Agreement, LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS will give priority to any repairs needed.

After receiving the repaired Handheld back from Chainway, LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS will:

1) Reinstall the Mobile Base wireless board in the Handheld.

2) Install the wireless software in the Handheld along with the registration number, and

3) Test the Handheld and wireless communications.




If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Return Policy, please email our support

department to