Softwork SRL Presents Chainway’s Devices to the Seminar Audience

After becoming the new distribution partner of Chainway in Italy, Softwork SRL started to promote Chainway UHF RFID readers, presenting them during the last seminar held on its headquarter close to Milan on 17th September, 2019.
As a value-added Distributor and manufacturer of active and passive RFID Technologies in the various frequency bands (LF, HF and UH
F), Softwork SRL focuses on the hardware architecture of this auto-ID technology, adopting as a model business interaction with industry channels such as software house, system integrator, ICT, OEM, research institutes and universities.

How does RFID technology work?
Which benefits are generated by RFID?
What about the technical identikit of Chainway’s devices and their performances?
Which are the latest RFID success stories?
The seminar involved not only the sales tea
m of Softwork SRL, but also Engineers from Technical Department, who entertained the attendees during the coffee break in the RFID Testing Center: visitor can so hear about the RFID technology and experience it.
Attendees, coming from all over Italy and active in different market sectors, appreciated at the end of the seminar this “technology experience”, according to the evaluating forms.
Next rendez-vous
in Softwork SRL: 19th November 2019