Chainway’s Action on Fighting the Epidemic

In the early of Lunar New Year celebrations in China, the sudden novel coronavirus outbreak spread rapidly the whole country. The central government together with local government have continuously issued prevention policies, and all sectors of the community make money and supply donations... All the Chinese people resolutely joined the battle against the outbreak. As a corporate citizen, Chainway has also paid close attention and taken active actions, with the hope to do our best and contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

Donate 250 PDAs to Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital
In the epicenter of the outbreak--Wuhan, the government built Huoshenshan Hospital with reference to the model of Xiaotangshan Hospital during the SARS period to fight the epidemic. More than 4,000 workers with nearly a thousand large machineries worked with the highest efficiency day and night. Finally, the new hospital was put into use within 10 days. As soon as we learned about the demand for mobile devices, Chainway made an immediate decision to donate 250 units of H100 medical PDAs for information management of the new hospital.

On January 27, Chainway launched emergency assistance project for Huoshenshan Hospital the first time. Many employees in Shenzhen responded positively and quickly joined into the emergency assistance team. According to the national epidemic prevention and control instructions, equipped with good safety protection from the epidemic, our emergency assistance team tightly completed the production and testing of all the devices after several hours on the same day, then dispatched all PDAs by express delivery the next day. On February 4, with the completed deployment of Chainway PDAs, Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital officially started to receive patients with novel coronavirus.

On February 8, CCTV7 (National Defense Military Channel) reported that Chainway H100, qualified as " the palm treasure for nurse", serves as a mobile computer for the informationization system of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital. Chainway H100 performs remote synchronous operation with the medical system, and facilitates medical personnel to collect patients’ information, issue treatment plans, and sign medical orders at any time, etc. The application of Chainway H100 saves a lot of time for front-line medical personnel.

Assist Temperature Measurement for Hikvision with Chainway P80
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, temperature tracking has been one of the key prevention measures. According to government instructions, temperature measurement points have been set up in communities, parks, hospitals, office buildings, and high-speed exits for incoming and outgoing flow. As the holiday season ends, China's transportation system is accommodating waves of peak traffic. Medical workers need to take passengers' body temperature with high efficiency in crowded areas such as subway entrances, railway stations, aircraft stations, and industrial parks, avoiding the crowed passengers gathered in public.

A few days ago, Hikvision released a visual temperature measuring solution based on the application of P80 industrial tablet. This device is a thermal imaging human body thermometer. When the system is working, there is no need for people to stay in crowds. Only does the person enter the detection range of the device, the body temperature data can be measured immediately and presented on the industrial tablet in the form of a thermal imaging image. In addition, it can take temperature of multiple persons at the same time. If any abnormality, it will show an alarm. Compared with traditional temperature measuring equipment, the visual thermometer not only improves detection efficiency but also reduces the risk of cross-infection.

Perform Safe Resumption of Work as well
In order to ensure the orderly resumption of work, Chainway sets up a dedicated epidemic prevention and control team headed by the vice president. The team prepare all kinds of anti-epidemic materials, disinfect offices every day, and give employees guidance on resuming work at all levels, including work, life, and meals, ensuring a safe resumption of work and production.
Chainway will continue to focus on the epidemic and actively take corporate social responsibility. We are here to fight against the epidemic together by providing more assistance to the medical workers on the front line. At the same time, Chainway has also resolutely continued to implement epidemic prevention and control policies of the government, and do the best of various prevention and control work. And we unite with people all over the country to win the battle against the epidemic together!