Chainway C66 & URA8 Won 2019 Star of the Internet of Things

The annual selection award list of 2019 Star of IoT industry in China was officially released, and Chainway C66 handheld computer and URA8 fixed Android UHF reader are qualified as Most Influential Innovation Product Awards.
It is reported that this event was hosted by China Internet of Things Industry Application Alliance and Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association, organized by Internet of Things Media and co-organized by members of China Internet of Things Alliance Association. With over 800 judges participating in the voting, this event attracts the participation of nearly 400 outstanding enterprises in the Internet of Things industry, and its pre-heating popularity vote exceeds 500000. It covers the mainstream technology and application fields of the entire IoT industrial chain, such as perception, transmission, platform and application, delivering widespread influence in the IoT industry.
After the selection process of the enterprises' self-declaration, the warm-up of public voting, and expert judges’voting within 4 months, Chainway C66 and URA8 standing out from many peer companies respectively won the Most Influential Innovation Product of 2019 IoT Star -Handheld Terminal Award and the Most Influential Innovation Product of 2019 IoT Star -Fixed Reader Award. Because of their excellent quality and high popularity The two devices respectively rank in the top one and top three, widely recognized by the industry participants.
In the future, Chainway will, as always, combining the latest technology applications and market demands, dedicate to R & D and innovation, continuously improve the quality and services of products, so as to provide more high-performance products in the Internet of Things industry.

C66 Handheld Computer

C66 is a new industrial-grade handheld computer, based on Android 9.0 OS and Qualcomm Octa-Core processor. With compact and ergonomic design, it features 5.5-inch large display, powerful removable battery, supports quick charge and trigger handle. And it offers optional barcode scanning, RFID, NFC, etc. This mobile computer supports R6 UHF sled for good extensibility that can meet the needs in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, asset tracking, power patrol inspection, etc.

URA8 Fixed Android RFID Reader
Chainway URA8 is an 8-channel Android-based fixed UHF RFID reader integrated with Impinj R2000 RFID chip. It supports RS232, RJ45 and HDMI, and can be compatible with various types of antennas. With high speed and accuracy, superb anti-electromagnetic interference capability, long and adjustable read distance enables this RFID reader to be ideally applied to various industries.