Chainway Mobile Healthcare Solution for Some Chinese Hospitals

The healthcare industry requires high accuracy and efficiency. At present, most hospitals already adopted the PC HIS system. This system realizes the basic network construction and data storage. However, hospitals still have a long way to go. Traditional manual data collection and verification in clinical care sometimes causes serious medical accidents. This is a disaster for a hospital. It is quite urgent for hospitals to adopt modern technologies to improve healthcare quality and lift management level.


  • The medical staff needs to print out the paper medical records to learn more about the patient, which is cumbersome.

  • Manually verifying if the right medicine is given to the right patient in the process of medication administration may result in errors or even medical accidents.

  • When taking patient physical signs, nurses are required to note down them first with pen and paper, and then return to the nurse station to transcribe all on a computer. The workload is heavy. The error rate is high. And it takes a long time.

  • All information are recorded and stored on papers, which is inconvenient to check info and is not good for environmental protection.

After having a better understanding of the existing problems faced by hospitals, Chainway proposed an intelligent healthcare solution based on mobile computers. The solution also integrates barcode, wireless network and cloud computing technologies. It now enables bedside patient identification, data capture, input and verification. In nursing practice, nurses can obtain all information by scanning the patient wristband, drug label, specimen label, etc. with a single mobile computer. Patients, drugs, specimens and equipment assets can be quickly and accurately identified and verified during patient admission, clinical treatment, medication administration, vital sign collection, surgery, first aid, etc.


  • The solution simplifies the nursing workflow, reduces the workload of nurses, and improves work efficiency and nursing quality.              

  • It effectively reduces medical errors and ensures patient safety.

  • Real-time nursing records provide a basis for scientific clinical decision-making. Hospital service level can be highly lifted.

  • All nursing operations are effectively recorded, which facilitates the management of nurses. These records can be a reference for staff performance assessment.

  • It helps improve patient experience and satisfaction, enhances the overall medical and service level of the hospital.

PDA Configuration
P/N: H100/C70
Functions: 2D, Camera, 4G, WIFI
Grade A Hospitals
Shenzhen Bao’an Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Henan People's Hospital, Lianyungang CMT Hospital, Tianjin Third Central Hospital, Chengde Central Hospital, Hengyang Central Hospital, Yongzhou Central Hospital, Wuhan Sixth Hospital, Fuzhou First People's Hospital