A Brazilian Hospital Manages Ambulances With Chainway UHF RFID Readers

In healthcare industry, time pressures and staff stress may lead to serious medical errors that can be fatal where miss-identification of medications or medical apparatus and instruments occur. Considering the liabilities that the Brazilian hospital has to guard against, the necessity for extreme accuracy and efficiency is clear, so keeping its operations on ambulances as efficient and well-managed as possible is of utmost importance. This is just the right time for the hospital to adopt Chainway RFID readers to manage ambulances and all assets on these vehicles. The reliable identification of medications or medical apparatus can prevent mistakes, and win more time to save patients' life.


  • There are a large number of ambulances which have various medications and medical apparatus and instruments. Manual inventory management is of low efficiency, which is not conducive to a timely assistance of patients.

  • With manual operations, there are many steps in medication administration, which are not only time consuming, but also present opportunities for error.

  • If an emergency happens to the ambulance, the hospital cannot know the ambulance's real-time location to give timely assistance.

  • The hospital can neither plan and optimize route nor track the route.

Chainway solution provides the kind of visibility that nurses and doctors see into every aspect of health facilities on ambulances. Integrated with RFID automatic identification technology, C5000 data terminals can help best enhance patient safety, the productivity of staff members and the efficiency of the hospital's operations. Armed with a mobile computer with RFID reading and writing capability, on the one hand, administrators can quickly and automatically identify each ambulance; on the other hand, nurses can easily find whatever medicine or apparatus they need and complete a fast inventory checking. What's more, real-time location information of the ambulances can be transmitted to hospital management center by GPS positioning and wireless transmission technology, making it convenient for vehicle monitoring and management.

The potential to eliminate manual inventory checking and medicine identification has far reaching advantages in healthcare applications. These are saved time, reduced errors and costs. It greatly lessened the possibility of the risk of misidentifying a medicine or medical asset. GPS positioning, Wi-Fi and GPRS can, together, transform the efficiency of ambulance management. Doctors and nurses can make preparations when the ambulance is about to arrive because they can be informed of the ambulance's exact location. The management center can also take actions in a timely manner when ambulances encounter unexpected situations.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C5000
Functions: UHF RFID, GPRS, GPS