Mobile Credit Card Application for Colombia Bank

Credit card is widely used by people in modern society for early consumption, and also one of the important business modules of the bank. As the credit card applicant is required to go to a place such as a bank counter for the verification of the personal information, which brings great inconvenience to the actual card business expansion. Many people did not apply because they did not have time to go to the bank, so the bank missed many business opportunities. To this end, a bank in Colombia tried to use RFID mobile smart terminals to manage the identity information of local residents who applied for credit cards.

  • The applicant should arrive at the bank counter to register and confirm the identity information, which brings convenience to applicants.
  • Most potential credit card applicants may not be able to apply because they do not have time to go to the bank, thus the bank misses a lot of business opportunities.
  • The card application is not only limited by space, but also has complicated procedures with low efficiency.
  • The registration, recording of the applicants’ information are used to perform manually, which affects subsequent data inquiry.
Chainway P80 smart tablet is deployed for Colombia Bank for the management of personnel identity information in the credit card application, helping Colombia Bank to easily implement efficient card opening. Based on P80 enterprise-class smart tablet, the bank card personnel can easily carry the device to any place where customers need, then confirm the credit card application through fingerprint verification. Bank staff can handle credit cards for residents with high efficiency and accuracy, which breaks geographical restrictions and promotes business growth.

  • The intelligent processing of the credit card application business is realized, which breaks the service space restriction that the banking service must handle at the counter.
  • Mobile card application provides great convenience for local residents to apply for credit cards. It also promotes the growth of bank credit card business.
  • It is more efficient and convenient for collecting and verifying personal identification information with intelligent terminals. At the same time, the collected information is more precise and safer without manual links.
  • P80 intelligent terminal provides platform application support for credit card application service, which boosts the intelligent level of outlet service and enhances the competitiveness of the bank.
  • It offers service-oriented banking services, and continuously improves customer satisfaction.
PDA Configuration
P/N: P80
Function: NFC, Morpho CBM-E3