Mobile Bank Management in Indian Rural Areas

Remote rural areas in India is underdeveloped in electricity power industry, thus fixed ATMs cannot be supported. In order to provide basic bank service (account opening, cash withdrawing, and transferring and balance inquiry) in these areas, India Post decided to use handheld terminals and solar power to replace ATM. After comprehensive consideration, India Post chose Chainway to build up mobile bank in rural areas.

Because of lacking stable electricity in remote areas of India, ATMs cannot be supported. Simple basic bank services like opening an account or inquiry balance cannot be realized.

To solve these challenges, Chainway customizes the handhelds for India Post. 2D barcode and fingerprint are configured together. Also, USB OTG function enables the handheld to be connected to a printer which has a swipe card reader and a keyboard. With 2D barcode and fingerprint, client's identity can be identified, then account can be opened. With swipe card reader and keyboard, balance and other account information can be inquired. With printer, transaction receipt can be printed. With a mobile charger of solar power, all these operations can be finished and managed.


  • Chainway helps India Post establish a mobile bank system in Indian rural areas. It facilitates citizens' life there.

  • Handhelds are portable to carry and use, with low operational cost. Chainway seizes the market before our competitors ever finding out.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C3000
Functions: 2D, Fingerprint