Medium-Range Barcode Scanning In A Large-Scale Chilean Warehouse

The company is specially working on logistic industry. They try to look for mobile devices which could possibly be used for scanning cargos in medium range (1.3m) to improve warehouse efficiency and data capture accuracy.
  • Large amount of cargo are transported from each warehouse every day. Warehouse operators have to check every cargo in long range. The original manual stock-taking is time-consuming and error-prone.
  • When the real stock is inconsistent with the recorded data, the smooth of the supply chain is affected.
  • Not knowing the location of each item makes it difficult to locate and to pick the needed goods from numerous other goods in the vast warehouse.
  • Warehouse administrators lack tools to monitor every on-site employee’s performance.
Integrated with barcode scanning technology, Chainway mobile computer can automatically identify goods information by scanning 1D barcodes in medium range. Captured data can be transmitted in real time to the management system, so that administrator can make replenishment in time, change production plan accordingly and improve management efficiency.
  1. Chainway mobile computer plans the best route for warehouse workers in putting away and picking. They can locate the exact slot and item in the shortest time.
  2. Real-time transmission of inventory data to the database over wireless network greatly enhances stock-taking efficiency and feedback speed. Inventory visibility are improved and replenishment are made in time, so that supply shortage or out of stock never happens.
  3. Chainway mobile computer enables medium-range barcode scanning so that workers do not need to climb high to scan items on the highest shelf. It saves time and improves employee safety.
  4. Workers need to be on-site to capture data, this way increases their working productivity and eliminates employee fraud.