Warehouse Management For A South African Retail Store

This retail enterprise has several large warehouses across South Africa. With the continuous expansion of its retail business, the enterprise requires a higher standard on its warehouse management system.
  • Large inbound/outbound flow in the warehouse makes manual operations not only time-consuming but also error-prone.
  • Paper records are not easy to keep, and most importantly inconvenient to inquire needed information.
  • Inaccurate inventory data delays supply chain and retail business running. Retailers cannot make quick marketing decision to optimize sales.
Integrated with a barcode scanner, Chainway C5000 can automatically identify cargos’ information by scanning their unique 1D barcodes. The following steps of putting away, picking, packing and shipping become quicker and more precise.
  • Automatic data collection saves both time and efforts.
  • The first-rate scanning head delivers strong recognition ability, fast scanning speed and high precision.
  • Information automatically transmitted to the database over wireless networks eliminates handwritten transcripts. Electronic records can be kept forever and information inquiry becomes much easier.
  • Real-time inquiry about inventory information eliminates incidents like shrink or stock out.
  • It maximizes utilization of warehouses, lowers warehousing costs, and speeds up the turnover rate.