Medical Waste Management with RFID

Medical waste and its disposal are getting more attention in today’s world wherein the health department in many countries has drawn a strict regulation for medical waste management. Medical waste is completely different from household waste. Thus, any mismanagement in medical waste disposal could bring the potential risk for human health. These risks involve infectious diseases, radioactive & chemical pollution, viruses, etc. However, many hospitals in middle east countries such as United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Saudi Arabia have already implemented a waste management system and recently made it more effective and precise with the implementation of RFID technology in waste management. The technology track and records all the activities from waste sorting, dispatch, transportation, and disposal at an approved location. Moreover, it also ensures that all the regulations are being followed while disposing of the waste material.

1. Medical waste involves different types of waste which must be disposed of separately and to initiate this, garbage needs to be transported separately in different garbage beans. However, there are high chances of mistakes in the manual processes and also dangerous for workers as inspection is done physically.
2. The manual process involves a high risk of contamination and infection as staff needs to work closely with biowaste, hazardous and chemical waste for sorting and classification of waste.
3. There are significant chances of black marketing of medical waste in the absence of an effective tracking system. The garbage dispatch from the hospital could not be tracked thereafter. Thus, no update is available in real-time.

Chainway brought intelligent RFID devices for hospitals to realize an effective waste management system. Specific tags assigned to specific garbage beings. Based on the tag information, a different type of waste material was a drop in pre-decided beans. The operator used Chainway mobile computer to read the tags and realize the process from receiving, processing and dispatch of waste in separate beans. The information updated in a mobile computer stored in real-time with a central database and tracking of the material was initiated by integrating the GPS system with the application.

1 RFID system saves the worker time and effort in garbage classification. The whole process is now fast and accurate.
2. The system has significantly reduced the expose time between garbage and waste as mobile computers capture and identify the medical waste quickly.
3. RFID system effectively manages and monitors the black marketing of medical waste. The waste transported can be tracked in real-time.
4. Each delivery of medical waste and list people manage is recorded in real-time. In case of any inquiry or emergency, a concern person can be contacted immediately.

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