Deliver better customer satisfaction

Chainway solves existing retail issues with innovative, purpose-built products and services that streamline workflows and deliver superior user preference and improved bottom line results in retail.


Retail is a challenging business and the pressures of today’s economic conditions are resulting in even more selective consumer shopping and spending in both physical stores and e-commerce. To stand out from retail industry, it's important for store managers to have flexible tools that allow them to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands. IoT devices including RFID/barcoding capable handheld computers and telematics-based vehicle-mounted computer came into being at just the right time to improve inventory accuracy and streamline retail processes.

In chain store management, warehouse management and fleet tracking & delivery, RFID reading, 1D/2D barcode scanning, GPS, and camera technologies are applied to improve outcomes. Specific processes which bothered administrators in the past are now easily realized. 


Chain Store Management

Store associates can scan items' 1D/2D barcodes or UHF/HF/LF RFID tags to promptly check details like stock level, price, and stock location. Customer experience has been enhanced as they can receive response immediately. Accurate inventory counting and real-time inventory data transmission to the backend system enables retailers to have a more transparent viewing of each chain store's sales and stock data.


Warehouse Management

Data capture devices automate the time consuming and labor-intensive stock-taking process. By scanning barcodes or RFID tags which are applied to goods, intelligent data capture of flows from receiving, inventory tracking, picking, putting away to warehouse inspection are easily realized. Then data are uploaded to the backend system over wireless network in real time so that warehouse administrators can have timely access to all information for analysis and decision-making.


Fleet Tracking & Delivery

Telematics-based vehicle-mounted computer tracks fleet on road. With GPS and OBD module, it records vehicle status and location; with monitoring sensor and camera, it monitors cargo condition and drivers behaviors; with wireless connectivity, it sends captured data to the backend server for real-time inquiry and future analysis.