Management of Water Meters in Azerbaijan

The user is the Azerbaijan Water Company. In the past, manual water meter reading was error-prone and inefficient. A worse thing is that lack of supervision seriously affects the management and the profits of the company. A new way to read the water meter therefore is needed, a way that can improve working efficiency and recording accuracy and make the whole water-meter-reading business easier to manage.


  • Traditional way to read water meters was inefficient and the labor cost was high;

  • Record the volume manually was error- prone;

  • It was difficult for the resource scheduling department to consult and keep the paper records, which resulted in a poor allocation of water resource in different zones;

  • A delayed reaction to a sudden abnormal situation can cause greater losses.

To prepare for these challenges, this water company builds a cooperative relationship with Chainway, using Chainway handheld C5000 to read water meters which are configured with IC card. This combination realizes an automatic intelligent meter reading and solves the problems caused by manual reading and recording. Moreover, Chainway's handheld terminals can transmit the real-time data to the backend system via internet. Administrators then know the water use in all zones and are always ready for a quick and proper respond to any incidents. We see a rise in working efficiency and accuracy, management level and profits.


  • It cuts the labor costs.

  • More accurate meter reading data is achieved.

  • Real-time data is transmitted to whoever need it.

  • It becomes easier to check residents' historical long-term water use.

  • If there are accidents like the water meter is broken or the water supply goes irregular, the company can be informed immediately. Quicker actions can be taken and less losses can be covered.

  • Real-time supervision of water use is the basis of making a reasonable decision in water supply.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C5000
Functions: HF RFID (14443A), Wi-Fi