Vietnam RF Electricity Meter Reading

EVN (Electricity of Vietnam), a state-owned company, is mainly engaged in power generation, power transmission, distribution, and sales of electricity. It is the largest power company in Vietnam having an installed electricity generation capacity of 23,579 MW and a transmission network of 21,883 kilometers (updated to 2015). According to 2007 UNDP report on the 100 largest enterprises in Vietnam, EVN came in at 3rd position.


  • Due to vast territory and huge population, the workload is heavy and efficiency is low for meter reading.

  • Coming into each house for meter reading disturbs residents.

  • Effective supervision and management for meter reading personnel can't be achieved.

  • Paper records are not easy to save and not convenient to query.

The group chose Chainway C5000 mobile computers to facilitate electricity meter reading. Chainway PDA integrated with the needed functions modules--barcode scanning, RFID, Wi-Fi and GPRS to realize automatic electricity meter reading. Also the backend system accomplished seamless connection to the group's ERP system, so the collected data can be transmitted in real time via wireless communication technologies. In this way, work efficiency and accuracy can be greatly improved.


  • It realized remote meter reading by RF and Bluetooth modules, without the need of coming into each resident house.

  • Automatic meter reading eliminated laborious manual operations, significantly improved efficiency and accuracy.

  • All data and information can be conveniently checked, inquired and managed at any time in the backend system.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C5000
Function: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth