Inspection of Energy and Water Supply Infrastructure for Yue Gang

Guangdong Yue Gang Water Supply Company Limited ("Yue Gang") is founded in 2000 and belongs to Guangdong Investment Limited. It is engaged in the businesses of energy and water supply to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dong Guan.


  • Manual inspection of infrastructure can sometimes fail to find out all the possible malfunctions.

  • The inspection records on paper is time-consuming to write and inquiry and hard to keep.

  • There is not a system to supervise the work of inspectors.

  • Inspectors cannot know the real-time condition of the infrastructure.

Chainway RFID terminal easily conducts data recording, route directing, workload supervision and data analysis. With the connection to the company's information system, an intelligent inspection is realized.

Application Details
Intelligent Inspection
The RFID tag of the equipment carries necessary information of each equipment. The inspector scan to read this information on Chainway terminal and record the inspection results on it.
Inspection Order Arrangement
The inspection tasks listed on Chainway handheld can be revised anytime. The inspector can add or delete the equipment as well as the inspection sites based on real-time situation, thus the inspection order can be rearranged.
Workload Supervision
The handheld terminal can pass the real- time location to the administration center automatically or manually in order to supervise the inspectors' workload.
Data Transmission
Inspection records can be transmitted to the administration center via 3G network. When there is equipment malfunction, details including equipment number and malfunction information can be uploaded to the administration center.
Data Analysis
The handheld can summarize and analyze the inspection data in the database to find out the frequency of certain failure during certain period, in report forms of charts or icons. This report can be a reference for the inspector to let them always be prepared.


  • A paperless, regularized and effective inspection improves the information management.

  • It improves the inspection quality and minimizes the security risk.

  • The workload supervision on the inspectors is enhanced.

  • The inspection task can be customized based on real-time situation.

  • No other machines are needed for the inspection. Costs are reduced.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C5000
Functions: LF RFID (125K), GPRS, GPS, Camera, Wi-Fi