RFID Identifies & Tracks Animals In Netherlands

Livestock health is the greatest concern of farmers, producers as well as customers. It affects directly food safety. To track from farm to table will need new technologies and devices.
In the Netherlands, the livestock sector generates some €9.3 billion per year. That is why RFID technologies and handheld RFID readers are deployed in food traceability.

Netherlands government wants to make livestock farming as sustainable as possible. They require high in livestock tracking and sourcing. Hardware is expected to be rugged and portable with highly accurate RFID reading performance. 
Farmers have adopted a RFID tracking project. This project includes RFID tag, RFID reader, local server and central database. They chose Chainway C4050 handheld RFID readers to perform this tracking task. Every cattle has a RFID ear tag which contains a unique ID number. With this ID number, each animal can be identified with certainty.

  • Farmers can write feed and health records on Chainway handheld reader under the animal’s ID number.
  • The right medical treatment can thus be linked to the right animal.
  • It delivers effective disease control and fast access to accurate information. Pinpointing recalls to a specific batch number reduces the severity of this outbreak and minimizes the impact.