Manage Cows with LF RFID and External Antenna

Animal husbandry is critical for food security. Gujarat, one state in Western India, is carrying out a livestock tracking project empowered by RFID. The Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board (GGVB) aims at establishing a high technology driven dairy farming.

Livestock is a fast growing sector in India. However, it is majorly ran by small marginal farmers and landless labours. To shift the sector towards an organized model, the Government of Gujarat deploys a RFID-based solution to track and trace cows in the state.

The solution includes RFID tag, RFID reader and a central server. Neno Kernel Ltd. (Neno Kernel), a Bangalore-based system integrator, implemented the system, and Chainway Information Technology Co., Ltd (Chainway) provided handheld computers to read those implanted RFID tags in cows.

Each RFID tag has a unique 12-digit identification number, just like Indian national citizen card Aadhaar. It is pierced in the ear or implanted in skin of the animal. Once the tag is fixed, more information, such as the animal’s date of birth, breed, milk yield, and owner’s name, can be written on it by Chainway RFID-enabled handheld computer. The device will also contain the cow’s ID number, date of birth, health records, and migration status. GGVB prepares computerized database, where stores these detailed information of every animal.


  • As LF tags have a limited range, it was very risky to bring the handheld RFID reader near cow’s ear to read the tag. Chainway has earned a good reputation to provide successful projects for livestock tracking. To solve this issue, Chainway R&D team suggested an external LF stick antenna with a 2.5 feet long rod. This LF stick can be attached to Chainway handheld RFID reader. Now with this stick antenna and high performance of Chainway handheld computer, tag could be read from a safe distance and with 100% accuracy.

  • Now with 100% accuracy, every piece of history of cows can be recorded and retrievable, and the animal and its products can be traced back to the exact origin for enhanced cattle breeding, disease control, trade, and food safety.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C3000
Functions: LF RFID, stick antenna