European Government Agency Manages Livestock with Chainway Handheld Computers

With social economy development, people have higher requirements for living quality, especially the requirement for animal food safety, and the new EU food legal system also established food traceability rules. To enhance animal management and set up animal food traceability system, the Agricultural and Husbandry sector of a European country introduced intelligent RFID technology from Chainway that can record and manage information about animal feeding, transportation, processing, etc. Shenzhen Chainway helps build an efficient system of animal management that provides animal food with a complete "from-table-to-farm" traceability, which effectively ensures the safety of animal foods.


  • Using cards to manually record animal feeding information is inefficient and error-prone;

  • Paper records are difficult to store and time-consuming to inquire;

  • There are difficulties for traceability when food safety incidents happen.

With RFID technology, Chainway establishes a unique ID code for each animal, what we usually call animal label, and records the species’ identity information such as type, date of birth, feeding pattern and feed ratio, etc. to the label. During animal feeding and management, simply use the handheld computers to scan labels, then there is quick access to animal information in bulk and it is efficient to upload information to the database. In later processes, information such as feeding, epidemic prevention, transportation and slaughtering will also be collected through handheld computers and uploaded to the database, forming a complete foods traceability system.


  • It improves efficiency and reduces error rate;

  • It can provide large data storage space, store for a long time and query historical data at any time;

  • It provides complete and accurate historical information traceability;

  • The safety of all foods, animal feed and feed ingredient can be ensured through effective control in the whole process from farm to table;

  • It systematically records and manages information like animal breeding, transportation, processing etc., making it convenient to query and trace;

  • It promotes openness, transparency, greenness, and safety of farm and pasture products in the whole process from growth to processing.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C3000 X2
Functions: LF RFID, Barcode Scanning, WiFi, GPRS