Tire Management With Chainway UHF RFID Readers

China has been the world's largest auto market for years. China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology passed Tire Grading Standard and Management Rules for Tire Labeling, which requires that car makers closely track tires from the July of 2016 using RFID tags, so they can be recalled if there's a problem.

Old way to track tires in China is using barcode and branding, which is:

  • Easily obscured by dirt,

  • Easily scratched or damaged

  • Stored contents are limited and contents cannot be modified

  • Can only read one label at a time

One large car maker in China selected Chainway RFID mobile computers C4050 in tracking tires in production. Each RFID tag provides a unique ID and storage memory for saving useful information such as manufacturers, production date, expiry date, size, maximum inflation pressure and so on, and can be associated with the vehicle identification number. Workers manually scan multiple tires at a time and upload captured data wirelessly to the car maker’s host server.


  • RFID technology allows for relevant data such as, make, size, pattern, and phase, to be written and stored within the microchip. This data can be retrieved with Chainway mobile computers and used to track and record its current status and whereabouts. This can assist in controlling theft, stock audits, tire inspections, and legacy reporting.

  • The RFID tire management solution can automatically visualize and keep track on the flow of tires, moving in/out of the retreading factory and Km usage on vehicles, making the tire inspection process easy, accurate, and fast and enables instant reporting.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C4050
Functions: UHF, 4G, GPS