Increase warehouse visibility from here

Chainway has set up a solution for warehouses to coordinate the inbound and outbound flows, shorten time and raise accuracy in stock-taking, and enable free access to all data captured.


Warehouse is a storage facility that receives goods and eventually distributes them to consumers or other businesses. Warehouse management is the process of coordinating the inbound and outbound flows, making an inventory, sorting and picking, and finally, distributing goods to their proper destinations. Precise and effective warehouse management is the key to avoid supply shortage or surplus, which requires that all products move on a system of automated conveyors, cranes and information on automated storage and retrieval systems coordinated by intelligent mobile computers running compatible software.

In the past, warehouse management was very paper-intensive in its coordination of a multitude of activities. This has changed with the introduction of RFID and barcode based warehouse management solution. Chainway mobile computers with unrivalled data capture ability, have greatly enhanced accuracy and productivity when receiving incomings and delivering commodities to clients, at the same time, they have largely shortened time needed during daily stock-taking. Besides, all levels of administration centers can have real-time visibility into all information uploaded to speed up turnaround times and optimize replenishment plans.

Inbound Management

Working staff can easily get to know what the inbound material is and which category it belongs to by a simple scan of its barcode or RFID tag, which minimizes the time spent on matching the incomings with the purchase orders. The quantity of each type of commodity will be automatically added if the incomings are totally confirmed with the purchase order. Feedback will be send back to the administration center if there is unconformity. What’s more, the screen also shows the optimized route for putting away and the exact location where it should be placed.

Outbound Management

By scanning a single barcode or a bulk of RFID tags, our devices can easily realize automatic data collection of the outbound flows from the warehouse. Mobile device shows the exact location of the item and the best route to pick it up, so workers can get the right product with the least amount of time. Before packaging, using PDA to check whether the goods inside the box are exactly what customers required. This final verification step ensures that your valued clients receive what they expect, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

Inventory Checking

Chainway handheld computers, using industry-leading scan head with higher recognition rate and faster scanning speed, automate the time consuming and laborious stock-taking that have traditionally been done manually. Automatic information entry eliminates activities like manual transcribing and printing, avoiding manual errors and realizing paperless operations. Captured data are uploaded to the background system over wireless network in real time so that administrators can have timely access to all information for analysis and decision-making.