Improve patient care to the maximum

Chainway mobile healthcare information system achieves accurate medication administration, prompt vital sign collection and real-time information inquiry.


The world is more connected. Smart sensors including barcode and RFID labels assigned to patients and medication give everything a digital voice. That digital voice captured by handheld barcode scanners and RFID readers can help improve patient care and operational efficiency, and reduce medical errors and costs. That's why barcode and RFID technologies are more and more valued in healthcare these days.
Chainway provides mobile healthcare information solution based upon IoT and Cloud computing technologies, integrated handheld computer and compatible software, seamlessly connected to HIS, EMR systems through Wi-Fi or 4G networks. By incorporating all these into the workflow of the nursing staff, our solution aims to bring an all-round improvement to the hospital's health care system.

Medication Administration

Having all medication verified electronically before they are administered (i.e., confirming that the five rights of medication administration are met), medical errors can be significantly reduced. So, should concerns be raised to check and confirm medication, it will be easy to ensure the patient receives appropriate treatment.

Patient Sign Collection

The easy-to-use phone-sized handheld computer, enables care givers to record and document patients' vital signs at their bedside in real-time. These vital signs, for example the body temperature, can be shown in an automate-generated run chart on the handheld device and background system, which is a direct way for doctors to see the patient condition.

Information Inquiry 

Standard patient data, including profile, medical history, insurance and payment information, as well as nurse data, including workload and shift, are updated to handheld devices and the background system for real-time check. Whether you are administrators or nursing staff, you can benefit from this solution as critical real-time data is available wherever they are needed.
The background system can be used not only to verify care prescribed for a patient, but also to document every significant step in the medication-use and caregiving processes. It ensures compliance, traceability, efficiency, and patient's safety. Patients will leave the hospital with the feeling that they have been treated by caring, dedicated and professional team.

Chainway Handhelds in Healthcare

Watch this video to learn more about Chainway healthcare solution.

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