Deliver better customer satisfaction

Chainway retail solution solves existing issues faced by retailers with innovative, purpose-built products and services that streamline workflows, deliver superior user preference and improved bottom line results.


Retail is a challenging business and the pressures of today’s economic conditions are resulting in even more selective consumer shopping and spending. To stand out from retail industry, it's important for store managers to have flexible tools that allow them to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands. Mobile computers adopting barcode or RFID technology came into being at just the right time to improve inventory accuracy and streamline sales processes.

Chainway mobile computers are easy to deploy in multiple steps during retail management. Their distinctive features like accurate information collection ability, large data capture capacity, fluent wireless connectivity and prolonged battery life, all contribute to improved outcomes in chain store management, warehouse management, and logistics tracking. Specific processes which bothered administrators in the past are now easily realized through our rugged handheld devices, like goods sorting, order picking, distribution, dispatch, receipt, inventory taking, data upload and download, information inquiry, and more.


Chain Store Management

Goods information can be written into and read from our handheld readers. Retailers can scan the barcodes or RFID tags to promptly check details like inventory, price, location and discount information. Customer satisfaction has been lifted as they can receive response immediately. After the order is settled, the backend database automatically updates the quantity of products so that the system records are consistent with the real inventory. 


Warehouse Management

Chainway handheld computers automate the time consuming and laborious stock-taking that have traditionally been done manually. By scanning a single barcode or a bulk of RFID tags, our devices easily realize automatic data collection of the inbound and outbound flows to or from the warehouse. Then data are uploaded to the background system over wireless network in real time so that administrators can have timely access to all information for analysis and decision-making.


Logistics Tracking

Chainway designs a solution that enables headquarters to have real-time understanding of inventory quantity and logistic information to realize instant replenishment. With a high degree of informationization, the solution effectively improves customer satisfaction and store image. The available rich logistics information throughout sorting, distribution, dispatch and receipt empowers retailers and customers to ascertain location of each item and accuracy of deliveries.

Chainway Handhelds in Retail

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