Tracking Kegs In USA With Barcode For Kegstar

Kegstar is an asset pooling business specializing in stainless steel kegs used to transport beverages, principally beer and cider. Under its pooling model, Kegstar owns and manages kegs on behalf of its customers. Kegstar collects the empty kegs from the venue and then redeploys them to other customers, who participate in the Kegstar pool.

Each individual stainless steel keg and cask that Kegstar rents out is etched with its own 2D barcode and RFID tag. The tag is scanned using a Chainway mobile computer at producers’ end and the code is scanned with the Kegstar free app on customers’ smartphones. All data is sent to Kegstar’s database wirelessly in real time, allowing a keg to be tracked through the supply chain to the venue, creating valuable data insights along the way.

Brewery forecasts and orders kegs. Empty kegs are delivered for cleaning and filling. Breweries scan and send kegs to their wholesaler partner under 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. Distributor delivers full kegs to the venue and collects the empties, and inform Kegstar that empty kegs are ready for collection via the Kegstar free app.


  • Each Kegstar keg is uniquely identified and tracked when the keg moves through the supply chain. It helps free up valuable time and money spent maintaining, tracking and collecting kegs.

  • With real-time uploading of tracking information, Kegstar can share the dispatch details with customers so that they know what is working and what needs improvement. It helps enhance customer satisfaction.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C4000
Functions: UHF RFID, 3G, Wi-Fi