Shanghai Smart On-street Parking Solution Eases Parking Pressure

Between looking for possible parking space and being stuck in traffic, you have another option - driving to the ensured open parking spot with confidence and no worries. That is many drivers in Shanghai have newly experienced since this China biggest city set up an intelligent system for on-street parking in January 2017.

There are an estimated 600 million cars in the world, a figure that's rapidly growing, especially in China and other emerging markets. They all need to park somewhere. The land is limited, so how to make the best possible use of available parking space is the key.

An on-street parking app is designed for drivers and parking fee collectors. Via 4G connectivity, HF RFID and camera, Chainway mobile computers are used to identify drivers, collect fees and update the latest parking availability.

Before Parking Drivers need to fill out his information (name, phone number, vehicle registration plate) first on the app. They can check the real-time parking occupancy near their final destinations and send a request. If the app shows there are no available parking space, then drivers can go by public transport. During Parking When a driver arrives at the parking lot, the fee collector approaches to the vehicle. He photographs to identify the plate with a Chainway mobile computer, and then registers this plate number under this parking spot on the app on the handheld device. The driver then receives his parking details, including time, location, and rate on the app. After Parking When a driver comes back in the estimated time, the fee collector immediately upgrades this change to the handheld computer. Fees are calculated automatically and the driver taps his public transport card on Chainway mobile computer. Done, charges are paid and the parking ends.

  • Drivers won’t have to worry about on-street parking problems in Shanghai any more. They are informed effortlessly by their app about parking vacancy figures.
  • Fee collectors won’t have to remember each occupied spot’s parking hours and calculate fees mentally. Now with Chainway C4050 mobile computer, they can record each spot’s availability on the parking app and the app will calculate the fee automatically.
  • All parking data is transmitted to the central database of the local government. Based on this data, officials can make sensible decisions on parking prices and regulations in different parking lots to make the best possible use of city resources.
  • Real time parking data provides an overview of the improper usage of any non-parking areas and helps track illegal parking activities.
PDA Configuration
P/N: C4050
Functions: HF RFID, Camera, 4G