Vehicle Computers Deployed By Over 2000 Driving Schools In China

Most of driving schools in China have adopted information technologies to further strengthen the management of driving schools, to regulate driving training processes and to improve training quality. Until now, over 2000 domestic driving schools have chosen Chainway's solution.


  • The school management is complicated and efficiency low.

  • It is hard to record training hours and driving mileage of students.

  • Identity fraud cannot be avoided due to the lack of an efficient way to verify student identity.

  • The driver training processes cannot be monitored and managed in real time.


Integrating functions such as HF RFID reading & writing, fingerprint recognition, camera, etc., Chainway solution which covers software and Vehicle Mounted Computer enables driving schools to monitor the whole training process in real time. Identity verification: fingerprint recognition or IC card authentication make sure that students and instructor identity can be verified quickly and accurately, effectively reduced identity fraud.

Application Details
Timing Management
Students need to swipe cards and verify their fingerprints every time they start training. The system will automatically recognize and record the hours and mileage, etc., and upload them to the management platform. Trainees can also check their training hours and driving mileage online at any time by logging in their ID account.

Real-time Monitoring
The intelligent vehicle computers can timely monitor the current state of the vehicle (moving / stop / flameout / current location/speed). Additionally, GPS can monitor and playback the vehicle moving track.
Online Learning
Chainway has established an online learning system so that the students can learn by themselves on web page or APP already downloaded, giving them more freedom and convenience.



  • It simplified workflows of driving training and tests, reduced unnecessary waste of resources.
  • All the records can be transmitted to the backend system in real-time. Records about instructor workload can be an indicator for performance assessment; those about student training status and school work progress facilitated the overall management of driving schools.


PDA Configuration
P/N: CWJ500/V600 Vehicle Mounted Computer
Function: RFID, Fingerprint, GPRS