Warehouse Management for a Vehicle Factory

Warehouse management is the main problem for a super-large car company. There are problems like slow warehouse operation and incorrect delivery for raw material parts warehouses, which often restricts the development of the enterprise and reduces customer experience.

The vehicle factory is equipped with Chainway C72 UHF smart handheld terminal for the intelligent management of spare parts in each production line warehouse. The warehouse manager can paste the unique identifiable RFID electronic label for each component as the information ID of each material. When the material is input and output of the warehouse, it does not need to be manually registered. Staff using C72 scans the spare parts label to automatically record the warehousing Information like responsible persons and generate statistical reports. The data can be transmitted to the database system through the network.

1. It optimizes raw material handling and inventory of finished product, resulting in improved productivity and customer service.
2. Accurate and efficient inventory management, instead of manual input, avoids human negligence and errors.
3. Reliable software system combined with the application of RFID technology truly realizes scientific and modern inventory management, which effectively improves warehouse operation and enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C72
Function: 2D, UHF