Vehicle Computers Manage Vehicles & Personnel In Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the smallest Member State in the EU after Malta, and is generating one of the highest amounts of MSW in Europe per inhabitant (678 kg/cap in 2010) but has one of the highest rates of separately collected MSW. All municipalities have a recycling centers where most items can be disposed of.
  • Luxembourg has clear policies on waste management and recycling. Each day garbage trucks as well as many private cars transport waste to recycling centers. If these vehicles are not managed properly, traffic jam around the centers may occur.
  • The traditional way to manage staff and to control access at recycling centers is time-consuming, error-prone and labor-intensive.
  • Paper-based access control records are hard to be shared in real time and hard to be checked from another physical place. 

By equipping Chainway V600 intelligent terminal on garbage trucks and at recycling centers and by providing IC cards with staff at recycling centers and truck drivers, an efficient system of clock-in-and-out management and automatic identification of trucks and drivers is established. All data is captured and transmitted in real time to a backend server.
  • On the backend server, administrators dispatch different trucks to come in different hours. This way traffic jam is prevented.
  • V600 at the recycling center gate connects to cameras via USB to record the real-time situation. Inside the center, staff need to scan their fingerprint and IC cards to clock in and out on V600.
  • Every garbage truck is tracked and data is transferred to the backend server for real-time check and further analysis.