Chainway at LoTE 2018 in Shenzhen

The 10th International Internet of Things Exhibition was held on July 31-Aug. 2 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Chainway showcased its latest and most complete series of intelligent terminal products. Meanwhile, on the Innovation Application Forum, Chainway shared global attendees from a wide variety of industries with new applications in retail and warehousing. Attendees were full of praise for high performance of new products.

A great number of professional visitors at home and abroad were attracted to visit the annual industry feast. In this exhibition, Chainway presented terminal products with diverse functions, such as RFID, barcode, fingerprint, iris, facial recognition and so forth, which specifically includes smart handheld terminals, UHF handheld terminals, biometric terminals, vehicle-mount terminals, industrial tablet and UHF modules. Our booth was crowded with a great many visitors to stop by and exchange opinions.

IoTE 2018 Organizing Committee specially planned the “Gold Award” innovative product selection activity, and invited expert judges to recommend 100 most representative and innovative IoT products from tens of thousands of exhibits. With its technical innovation, excellent performance and outstanding application, C72 UHF terminal successfully won the IOTE 2018 "Gold Award" Innovative  Product Award. At present, this product has been widely applied in many industries such as logistics and warehousing at home and abroad, and also has been well received by customers.

The 14th RFID World Application Innovation Conference was held in the same period. Chainway gave keynote speech on application of intelligent RFID readers based on Android platform in new retail and warehousing, focusing on introducing new applications of RFID intelligent multi-channel reader in vending cabinet, shoe and apparel industry, jewelry monitoring and shopping guide, as well as warehouse, forklift and pallet management, which was warmly welcomed by the audience. It is reported that more than 300 outstanding enterprises in the RFID industry, industry authoritative experts, RFID terminal user representatives, and financial circles were invited to participate in this conference. Chainway reported the most representative technology breakthrough and successful cases of innovative application in RFID industry globally in the most recent year. Chainway is dedicated to boosting market application of RFID intelligent multi-channel readers, enabling enterprises from different fields to enjoy convenience brought by the new technology products of the Internet of Things.

Chainway CTO also pointed out during a live interview that " traditional non-intelligent RFID readers must cooperate with upper computer, which makes deployment and application development very difficult, limits the scope of RFID applications. We launch Android smart multi-channel RFID UHF readers which are compatible with all functions of traditional readers. In addition, it supports a variety of flexible communication modes such as WiFi/4G/BT, integrates main body and reader in one, which benefits for development and upgrade of Android APP. With friendly interface and strong expansibility, it can provide retailers and logistics warehousing providers with more reliable and more selective intelligent application solutions, promote the in-depth application of RFID in more industries and more fields."