Pension Distributing Management in Colombia

As the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 spreads rapidly worldwide, the Colombian government has adopted a series of measures to prevent and control the pandemic and protect people's livelihood. Among them, distributing pension to senior citizens over 80 years old is one of the important measures. In order to facilitate the precise and efficient distribution of pension, the government decided to use Chainway P80 industrial tablet for the intelligent identification and pension distribution.

  • Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the previous fixed fingerprint verification and registration methods can no longer meet the application needs.
  • There are many senior citizens over 80 years old in Colombia, some of who may have difficulty in walking and live in various regions. Officers need more intelligent information verification method to efficiently provide the elderly with pension.
  • It not only requires the precise collection and identification of fingerprint information, but also ensures the security of fingerprints, preventing information theft.

The Colombian government chose to configure a mobile solution based on
Chainway P80 smart tablet. Officers can use portable industrial tablet P80 to collect and identify fingerprint information of the elderly, and also accurately identify fake fingerprints. At the same time, the integrated NFC function can verify ID cards of the senior citizens like ID information. And all the information can be transmitted to the background system via the wireless network in real time for record-keeping.

  • The deployment of P80 allows high mobility and intelligence for pension distributing during the pandemic, which significantly improves working efficiency and accuracy.
  • Door-to-door mobile office not only delivers great convenience to elderly people for easily receiving pension, but also avoids crowd gathering, which helps reduce the risk of pandemic infection.
  •  P80 industrial tablet provides high security and cryptography performance, without worrying about being used by criminals due to data theft or leakage.
  • All the collected data is transmitted to the background system in real time via the wireless network. And the officers can easily check the pension distributing status.
Product configuration

P/N: P80
Function: Optical Fingerprint, NFC