Urban Waste Collection in Europe

Chainway's distributor--TechSigno S.r.l. this time cooperated with Compta’s BEE2WASTE who has served for more than 40 cities across Europe and South America addressing all phases of the urban cleanness processes as per each city's project needs. Chainway mobile computers with the most advanced technologies deliver the best working efficiency.

RFID UHF opens a new window of opportunities to work out waste collection procedures with enormously increased productivity. The solutions are presented to the end-clients on tag detection, either for waste bins or even plastic bags with UHF RFID technology.

One of the big problems that waste collectors are faced with is the installation of each identifier (RFID UHF tags or stickers) and connect the information of each bin with each tag, with each contract, with each client or range of clients connected to that contract. Manual registration can be an enormous, painful and costly procedure as human registering data, human introducing data into system, and human mass linking information, can result in endless work.

The challenge is to simplify and help the procedure to be made almost in one place, avoiding errors, reducing drastically the number of steps, and the use of administrative resources in the process.

With Chainway C4050 UHF readers and BEE2WASTE Apps, the team is in a position for the field processes of installing the identifiers and connecting the data with the container and platform database.

Either if the bin has the UHF identifier, or if they are installing the identifier, or if they are changing, repairing or installing a new bin on a place, they can with Chainway readers:

  • identify the installation Point with GPS

  • identify the bin to be worked, and complete if needed any additional data about it. Introduce a new one if it is the case
  • Read easily the tag/sticker (as UHF reads it till 2 meters’ distance) without spending much time and human physical effort
  • and send all information to the platform, where it will be connected to the contract and clients that interact with that bin

When multiplied for hundreds of thousands of operations, this is a fantastic tool of efficiency
Chainway C4050 provided to BEE2WASTE:

  • A robust solution for outside work

  • A powerful performance hardware for Android/UHF/GPRS/GPS needs

PDA Configuration
P/N: C4050
Functions: UHF RFID, GPS, GPRS (3G), Wi-Fi