Identity Verification of Food Recipients in Tamil Nadu State

Tamil Nadu state government set up several fair-price shops from which low-income citizens can purchase a quota of foodstuffs, daily necessities and other living goods at a lower price. This move is committed to offering social welfare to the crowd in need so as to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, and thus achieving the state’s common prosperity. However, due to heavy funded population and the complexity of the local population structure, manual identity verification during purchase activities is inefficient. And phenomena like identity fraud and excessive purchase often occur, so that cost often exceeds the financial budget.


  • As the state’s population structure is complex, and they live dispersedly, it’s quite challenging to identify members from low-income families. Traditional manual data capture and match results in heavy workload, high labor cost, low efficiency and high error rate.

  • It cannot achieve accurate poverty alleviation. It’s difficult to save and inquire relevant family information and procurement records.

  • It is hard for the government to carry out a comprehensive analysis of data and information like what kind of supplies citizens need most or how many they need each month. Therefore the government can’t adjust the supply in time or make a better subsidy plan.

Chainway helps come up with a sound identity verification solution by adopting barcode technology and applying it to the C4000 handheld computers, which not only solved the problems like personal identity verification and comprehensive information collection, but also improved the mobility and controlled government spending under the budget line.


  • The application of barcode technology has solved the problem of personal identity verification quickly and precisely, and has eliminated the phenomena like excessive purchase.

  • Information collection becomes more convenient and comprehensive through portable mobile computers.

  • 3G network enables real-time transmission and storage of the data captured. The backend database facilitates future information inquiry and management.

  • It provides basis for the government to formulate policies to further narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, which is beneficial to social harmony and stability.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C4000
Functions: 1D, 3G