E-agriculture Project in Rubber Industry

Ivory Coast is the leading producer of natural rubber in Africa. Illegal rubber selling in the country harms many farmers’ interests. To protect the rubber industry, the Agriculture Ministry of Ivory Coast needs to enhance the management of rubber selling with new technology and devices.
  1. There were stealers selling illegal harvest. Neither buyers nor agriculture organizations can identify whether a seller is illegal or not.
  2. Accurate rubber selling statistics cannot be captured in real time and accessed by the government so that to adjust politics towards the actual ongoing.  
  3. Dishonest selling behaviors cannot be traced back to each individual and regulated in time.

Now every rubber farmer needs to register at the government’s office. They will get an authentic RFID card. They present this card in selling and the buyer uses a Chainway C5000 RFID handheld computer to identity the seller. Every selling transaction is registered in C5000 and sent to remote server wirelessly. Selling honesty is linked to the farmer’s bank account’s credit.

  1. Link selling behavior to seller’s bank account’s credit ensures them to conduct rubber selling under the regulation of the rubber industry.
  2. With RFID card, each farmer can be identified accurately.
  3. It avoids stealers to sell illegal harvest because the only way to sell the harvest is to be an authentic rubber farmer.
  4. Accurate sales flow is transmitted to the server in real time so that the agriculture department and other agriculture organizations know exactly statistics about rubber production and capacity.